Bree's Gallery


Bree Wattonville attends the University of California, Berkeley where she is majoring in architecture.  Her mother, Rosanne Wattonville, recognized her budding talent when she drew an adoring baby coyote looking up at the daddy coyote for her dad’s father’s day card.  She was enrolled in a local Art Studio and remained there for 8 years.  Bree participated in many Art Shows at the Kern County Fair where she won numerous awards.  She participated in the renowned painter Dustin Van Wechel’s Art Workshop held at Prairie Winds Art Studio.  She participated in the prestigious Innerspark Fine Arts Summer School at Cal Arts and upon completion received the Cal Arts Scholar Award.  As a senior at Liberty she was part of the first Bakersfield Museum of Art – Student Arts Alliance Group.  She enjoys painting using all types of mediums, but she has studied acrylic excessively.  She loves painting birds and exaggerating their colors and attitudes.